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Farmer Al and Becky Courchesne at Frog Hollow Farms, Brentwood, CA

We first met Farmer Al at the San Francisco Ferry Building, where I had a taste of his jams. Impressed by them and thinking about starting my own ketchup business, I asked how he grows his fruits and how he prepares his jams. He introduced me to his wife, Becky, who helped me get started on the process. Fast forward one year, I revisited Farmer Al to thank him for the help in the beginning and told him we are looking to contract grow tomatoes. He said he could grow it for us and the rest is history.

Farmer Al and Becky own Frog Hollow Farms, a bountiful 143-acre farm located in sunny Brentwood, CA that produces Warren Pears, peaches, apricots and tomatoes. The farm produces some of the most amazing stone fruit and it’s no surprise everything grows well when you use deep clay loam with compost, limestone dust, kelp, gypsum, and fish emulsion for organic fertilizers. 


Efren Avalos at Avalos Organic Farms, Hollister, CA

Efren Avalos is a man who has a strong passion for organic farming. He grew up in Mexico with his father and mother on an organic farm. He moved to the US when he was 17 years old and got a job picking strawberries for a large farm company in Salinas, CA. At the farm, he witnessed sprays firsthand in the fields. This experience prompted him to start his own farm business.

After two years, Efren moved from farming that half-acre to three acres of land. Today, he has his own organic farm business and works an impressive 23 acres, providing high-quality produce to farmers’ markets in the Bay Area and in Monterey County.

We are proud to be working with Efren.