From Software to Sauces

Growing up, great food didn't mean making shopping lists or measuring ingredients. The women of my family kept their recipes in their hearts, passed down from generation to generation. They remembered textures, aromas, and most importantly, flavors. Each dish was filled with memories.

When I was nine, I left behind my hometown in Shanghai, China for Irvine, California. In a heartbeat, the world around me was completely different from anything I had ever known. It was only when my aunt invited me to cook alongside with her in the kitchen that I felt at ease again. Surrounded by the familiar flavors of home, I found a place where I belonged. It was in her kitchen that I first began to experiment with flavors. There was no such thing as a mistake in her eyes, only new tastes to be discovered.

Since then, I have been driven by a passion for amazing flavors inspired by my Asian upbringing. Srirachup, like me, has its roots in Chinese cuisine (where ketchup originated), but is also distinctly American. The success of this first product encouraged me to leave the tech corporate world behind and venture out to focus on my own creations. Thus, Sosu was born.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to expand my palate while traveling through Southeast Asia as a volunteer English teacher. In three months, I visited Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia, discovering local markets, visiting ancient temples, and of course, tasting the native cuisine. My host families showed me how to cook their favorite dishes and invited me to cook alongside them. In their kitchens, I learned how to make lemongrass paste, how to blend fiery chilies into sambal, and how to choose the freshest herbs. Though their kitchens were humble, the food they created with just a wood stove was incredible.

Cooking starts from the soul, and great flavors can be created in anyone's kitchen. Sosu is all about bringing amazing flavor to your everyday meals, using fresh, quality ingredients sourced right here in California. I hope you'll join us in our journey as we continue to explore the cuisine of Asia, reinvented for your kitchen.