We treat our sriracha like a fine whiskey... 

Our approach to making sriracha is simple. We first start with ripe red jalapeño peppers sourced from local family farms. We allow the pepper mash to age in uncharred whiskey barrels for a full month so it develops a deep flavor and natural tang. Can you believe it's only 4 ingredients?



Aged in whiskey barrels for a unique fruity, spicy, and smoky flavor. 

We combined our philosophy of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with the age-old craft of fermentation. We age our secret pepper mash in whiskey barrels for 1 month. The sriracha takes on complex flavors from the oak barrels and the natural fermentation process. Absolutely no preservatives or additives go into our sriracha. Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the most intense flavors.

INGREDIENTS: organic chili peppers, brown sugar, organic garlic, and sea salt. 


Introducing our NEW white label sriracha-- We are experimenters at heart. The ones who play around in the kitchen.  The ones who make their own salad dressings, the ones who wing it, who love the test and taste and taste and test process.  By skipping the barrel aging process, but still fermenting pepper mash for a month, this sauce presents as fruitier and less smoky. A lighter version of our Barrel-aged Sriracha.  Perfect for cooking with or adding to less rich dishes.

INGREDIENTS: organic chili peppers, brown sugar, organic garlic, and sea salt.



Our Ketchup Starts with Ripe Early Girl Tomatoes

Sweet as early girls. Spicy as sriracha. Its the perfect ketchup you have always wanted.

This is not your ordinary sriracha mixed with ketchup. Our Srirachup™ is handmade, using about one pound of freshly-picked California tomatoes slowly cooked down for several hours to get that thick, clean saucy texture but without the highly processed gunky paste texture. Don’t let the natural sweetness of our early girl tomatoes fool you. Paired with our fiery house-made sriracha, this ketchup will give your taste buds a spicy kick and leaves you begging for more... Great as a condiment on your favorite burgers, hotdogs or use it as a sweet and spicy chili sauce on your favorite dishes! 

It's simple, delicious, and made with love from us to you. The good things in life are simple and we like to keep it that way!


INGREDIENTS: Early girl tomatoes, organic chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, sea salt, and organic garlic.