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"From Fulton Street's Sosu Artisan Sauces was born this lovechild of spicy Sriracha and umami-rich ketchup - the ultimate dip for ketchup-lovers eager for a little kick. Nearly two pounds of Early Girl tomatoes are stuffed into each jar for a flavorful burst that begs for a dollop on everything from eggs to potatoes to burgers."


      "Sriracha aged in whiskey barrels is better than the original sauce."


Sosu’s Barrel-Aged Sriracha hurts so good.”


“After fermenting and aging in wood, Sosu’s barrel-aged Sriracha hits you in the best way.”  



Sosu begins with locally sourced chili peppers mashed with brown sugar, garlic, and salt, and then stores the concoction in oak whiskey barrels for one to three months.”



"The aging process seems to pull a slight smokiness from the barrels as well, while the fermentation allows the red chili peppers to develop an authentic fruity flavor, giving it amore layered personality than most hot sauces."



“It’s far fruitier than the Red Rooster Sriracha, and less sweet, too. From the first taste, you know you’re enjoying a real artisan product made with a lot of thought.

"It's like unlike any product I’ve ever tasted: it’s balanced, a touch smoky (and garlicky), and simply amazing" - Marcia Gagliardi, Feb. 20th, 2014


“Aged in whiskey barrels for a unique, fruity, spicy, and smoky flavor. You’ve never tasted Sriracha quite like this before.”  8 Questions with: Sosu Sauces



“Sosu is offering a special Sriracha that spends 3 months in an oak barrel Jacuzzi to ensure optimum smokiness and flavor.”



“As a first-hand taster, I can attest that they take ketchup to another level – you may never go back to regular ketchup after you try it.”



“Just as we thought the Sriracha craze could not get any bigger, we discovered Sosu Ketchup's new sweet and spicy love-child: Srirachup.”


“Made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients — specifically chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt — Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha is a new take on everyone's favorite rooster-emblazoned condiment.”



“Made with Early Girl tomatoes and fermented Fresno chiles, Srirachup has a bright acidity, softened with a little brown sugar, and measured, fruity heat.”



“The natural fermentation creates a spicy, smoky, and fruity sauce which has, according to Sosu, more balanced and pronounced flavors than traditional Sriracha.”


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"The flavors are spicy, fruity, and had a lingering smokiness from the oak barrels. It is Sriracha, but one that we've never tasted quite like this before."

“Starting with a simple ingredient list – fresh locally-sourced chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, plus salt – SOSU’s sriracha undergoes a month-long barrel-aging process that involves loading the pepper mash into whiskey barrels to imbue them with distinct flavors.”