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Pic Walker & Adam Kesselman 

Pic (at right) is currently the CEO of Sosu Sauces.  He has dedicated his life to preserving and reveling in natural places, launching sustainable businesses, and helping to educate the next generation on seminal environmental issues. Drawing on a diverse background in education, business consulting, content creation, and environmental science, Pic has helped to launch and/or lead several succesful bay area businesses and non-profits including: FarmBurgerAlliance for Climate EducationMoore Foundation’s Wild Salmon Ecosystem Initiative, and Blu Skye. 

As Director of pH, Adam ensures Sosu’s Sriracha is happily fermenting. Since 2005, he has been deeply immersed in driving the Good Food movement. From designing and operating healthy, sustainable school meal programs, cafes and catering services to consulting and product development, Adam endeavors to cultivate a strong food culture that supports healthy people, a vital environment, and a strong economy. When he’s not making sauce, Adam can be found cooking in his kitchen or outside in the wilderness with a backpack or on a bike.

Stephanie Tait

Stephanie Tait is our sales and deliveries guru. She lives in Oakland. When she's not slinging sauce she's exploring California with her family, cooking or enjoying a local beer. She adds Barrel Aged Sriracha to bloody Mary's and marinades.