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A Saucy Combination


Greetings, Saucy fans!


Hi, my name is Johnny Hoang. I am currently studying business/ marketing at California State University, East Bay. I recently started working with Lisa at Sosu Sauces as a marketing and sales intern for this summer. It was my first day yesterday and let me share with you an exciting experience that I had already!


Our 2014 season is just starting to get underway, but we aren’t wasting any time getting back in the game. Yesterday at Whole Foods Market in Oakland, we collaborated and worked with Sprouts Cooking Club, a non-profit organization that teaches young children how to eat and cook healthy and have fun doing it. It was entertaining and exciting, as these energetic cooks worked together in teams to make their very own ketchup and fried rice. The teams worked with a variety of tomatoes to create their ketchup, which would then be used in their fried rice. Every team's fried rice was amazing, but one in particular stood out: Team Flying Tomatoes' fried rice. Their unique selection of ingredients included diced up mushrooms and corn, plus their own ketchup! Everyone got a taste of each other’s delicious dishes and although one team had their food voted the best, everyone that participated turned out to be the real winners in the end!

Our goal here at Sosu Sauces is very similar to that of Sprouts Cooking Club. They learn hands-on how to cook and eat healthy, while avoiding processed foods. We are just alike, as we provide a healthy alternative to ketchup and sriracha by using fresh and organic products. Working together with Sprouts Cooking Club was a privilege, as we are both driven towards the same purpose to eat healthier. We cannot wait to work with Sprouts Cooking Club again in the near future again for another saucy combination!



Saucy faces!
Choose your ingredients wisely...
Future cooks!
All delicious looking ketchups!
Finally, they can eat after all of their hard work!

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