Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble

One of my favorite things to do when I wake up early in the morning is to make eggs for breakfast. Something about the smell of eggs in the morning as you are just waking up, sets a great mood for me the entire day. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and starting the day out with a good, healthy meal can make a difference. So next time when you are up a little bit earlier, try to make some eggs for breakfast. For me, it's a relaxing therapy to wake up and enjoy the morning quietness, with a cup of coffee and some eggs. 

Eggs are easy to make, but hard to master. This recipe is an adaptation from my roommate and also Sosu's Chief Guinea Pig, Kyle, who loves to makes eggs for breakfast. His tip for soft eggs, use milk! It softens the egg and makes it more fluffy. The cheddar cheese and the smoked salmon brings out the saltiness needed for the eggs, and we are serving it with our Classic Ketchup, to give it just enough sweetness and tomatoey savoriness that lingers in your mouth!


Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble

Makes 1 Serving 


2 Eggs

3 tbsp of milk (I like Whole Milk but you can choose to use whichever you prefer)

Handful (2 tbsp) of sharp cheddar cheese (shredded)

Pinch of Salt

Freshly Ground Pepper

Few slices of jalapeño pepper (optional, I like to use it to add a little crunchiness and color to the dish)

2 oz Smoked Salmon



1. Break the eggs in a bowl, add milk and a handful of sharp cheddar cheese (if you like extra cheesy, feel free to use more)

2. Season with a small pinch of salt 

3. Scramble eggs in non-stick pan for about 1-2 minutes. 

4. Serve in bowl. Top with freshly ground pepper, jalapeño, smoked salmon and top with our Classic Ketchup. 


I love eggs! Here's a song dedicated to eggs to start your day. Enjoy!



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