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Oyster Half-shells with Sosu Mignonette Sauce

If there's one thing that I can't live without, it's oysters.

These briny creatures may smell like the ocean, but they just taste so good. We are lucky in the bay area to be close to the coast and get some of the best oysters. Tomales Bay Oyster Company is a local spot to get bags of oysters for real cheap, sometimes only 50 cents each. I snatched these 75 cents oysters at the local Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley today (Tokyo Fish Market has amazing selection of sashimi, fish, shrimp all seafood) The weather is warm today and it's Friday, so why not enjoy some oysters with some cold beer? ;)

When choosing your oysters, pick oysters that have a big "butt" or a big concave shape not those flat ones. They tend to have more meat and they are juicier. One misconception about oysters is that you have to wash them. You don't. If you do a clean shuck of the oysters, try not to wash them and keep the brine, the saltiness of the brine gives you the umami flavor of the oysters and are sometimes the best complement to the oyster. 

This is my version of a mignonette sauce using Srirachup as the base. The oysters I had were salty, so it complemented the sauce very well, the sweetness of the tomatoes in our Srirachup balanced the saltiness quite well. And with the spicy kick, it's heaven. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Oyster Half-Shells with Sosu Mignonette Sauce


Oysters - shucked, keep the brine

Sosu Mignonette Sauce

1 tbsp of Srirachup

1 tbsp of white distilled vinegar (you can also try apple cider vinegar if you want more of a fruity flavor)

1/2 tbsp of fish sauce

Onions chopped up in small pieces (I used only 1/8 of an onion but you could also use shallots)

Cracked black pepper to season

Plate on a plate or a tray with ice underneath. Serve!

Make sure you have an icy beer to pair with the oysters. Belgium beers are great for oysters, the PranQster is an amazing and affordable beer to complement the oysters!


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