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Chinese-style Tomato and Eggs (番茄雞蛋)


I like winter because of the festivities but also it means lots of time to gather with the family and eat lots of good food. But as a ketchup maker, winter is one of my most dreadful seasons of the year because there are no sun-ripened tomatoes. Yes, you can get tomatoes year-round nowadays at Trader Joe's, but they don't taste good or even compare. Thank goddess we have Srirachup, right?


This is a traditional Chinese dish that every Chinese home cook knows how to make. It's one of the first dishes that I made when I started cooking in the kitchen. I incorporated Srirachup as the replacement for the fresh tomatoes. It tastes just as fresh and just as flavorful as fresh tomatoes from the summertime. I paired the dish with a little bit of Kimchi that I made the other day, delicious!


Chinese-style Tomato and Eggs (番茄雞蛋)

(Servings for 2; Cook time: about 3 minutes, prep time about 5 minutes)


5 Eggs

1/2 tbsp of soy sauce

1/2 tbsp of olive oil

2 tbsp of Srirachup

a few sprigs of cilantro (traditionally it's green onions, but I ran out)

salt to season eggs



1. Beat up the eggs in a bowl

2. Heat up non-stick pan. Add eggs, scramble them for about 30 secs. 

3. Add soy sauce, Srirachup, and cilantro. 

4. Finish cooking until eggs are not runny but still soft. (the key is timing. the eggs cook super fast, so make sure you have all your ingredients ready to go)

5. Plate over rice and enjoy with some Kimchi on the side. (Optional)


A note about eggs:


One of the best eggs I have ever had was in Japan. The chickens definitely know how to lay a good quality egg. The yolk is super orange and when cooked super creamy inside. If you have a small garden outside, make sure you don't throw away the egg shells. They serve as great natural fertilizer. My mom uses egg shells and banana peels as fertilizer for her fruit trees and they grow some of the most sweet fruits!

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